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OMEP is a non-profit organization that aims to help Oregon manufacturers respond to the challenges of competing in an increasingly global economy.

We work with owners, executives, managers and operators to assess company needs in all areas. We move quickly from assessment to implementation to ensure that the company’s efforts provide an immediate payback. Regardless of our starting point, our goal is to unleash a company's growth potential.


Our Process

Every client requires a customized approach focusing on their specific obstacles to growth. Entry points range from creating improved flow on the production line, to speeding sales order processing, to training the workforce on problem solving approaches, to developing a strategy to enter new markets. Whatever the need, OMEP offers the tools, expertise, and the flexibility to engage with manufacturers at all levels.

Solve the Problem

OMEP is often asked to come in and solve a specific problem – like fulfilling orders fast enough or eliminating excess inventory. Once those issues have been resolved, we can start planning ahead for what’s next.

Create a Sustainable System

Does your company seem doomed to fix the same problems over and over again? We work with you to understand and implement systems for continuous improvement that unlock the potential of employees and lead to permanent solutions to nagging business problems and drive company growth.

Build Enterprise Leadership

A company’s ability to sustain improvements over time depends on the commitment and involvement of its leaders. OMEP helps company leaders learn new approaches and techniques to drive daily improvement and long-term results.

A Learning Cycle at Every Stage

OMEP works with companies to help them internalize a continuous learning and implementation cycle:

  • Plan: Define what we want and how we’re going to get there – make a plan.

  • Do: Try the plan!

  • Check: Compare what should be happening to what is happening.

  • Act: Modify our practices based on our findings.

Let's Join Forces 

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership
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