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Customer Focused Innovation

Increase top line growth by developing and marketing new products and services designed to delight your customers. Related services include:

  • Marketing and sales strategy and implementation
  • Innovation strategies
  • New product development
  • Technology acceleration and scouting

Engaged workforce

Secure a competitive advantage by fully utilizing the creativity and talent of your workforce. Attract and retain world-class people through the creation of an inspiring workplace. Related services include:

Operational Excellence

Achieve productivity and quality gains through a companywide commitment to process improvement leading to on-going improvements. Related services include:

  • Lean enterprise
  • Value stream mapping
  • Process analysis and design
  • Problem solving
  • Performance measurement
  • Quality systems

Supply chain management and collaboration

Develop supply chains that are flexible, and superior in response time and delivery. Establish mutually beneficial supplier/customer relationships with shared upside. Related services include:

  • Supplier/customer partnership development
  • Inventory Management
  • Pull supply systems
  • Supplier scouting/sourcing


Use less energy and reduce waste at levels that provide competitive cost performance and recognizable customer value. Related services include:

  • Energy assessments
  • e-Value stream mapping
  • Green chemistry
  • Sustainable material planning

Global Engagement

Expand into global markets with the partnerships and systems that secure your greatest business advantages. Related services include:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Strategy deployment
  • Export training


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