Are You Ready for FSMA?

Is Your Company Ready to Comply with New FSMA Requirements?

The new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) establishes new requirements on food and beverage manufacturers, processors and suppliers of all sizes. These new requirements include specific training of employees and implementation of new food safety standards. Companies with revenues greater than $1 million are required to comply by September 2017, with smaller companies following 1 year later. This will take significant focus and effort on the part of manufacturers.

Companies are Saying:

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is something that we recognize as a good thing; however, our resources are limited compared to resources available to much larger companies. Without assistance, we will be negatively impacted in complying with FSMA. We will have to make a choice between plowing profits back into our company to nurture further growth, with a consequent increase in our employee base, or sacrificing growth simply to survive and comply with FSMA. I know that was not the intention when FSMA was passed, but it is one of its practical consequences. OMEP is offering something of great value by developing and offering the cohort based FSMA training they propose. – Brad Averill, Owner – Wildtime Foods

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