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Eric Balentine

A Guest Blog Post By by Eric Balentine, CPA, Moss Adams

How to Protect Your Information from Being Misused After the Equifax Breach

On September 7, 2017, Equifax reported a data breach that occurred between mid-May and July. In terms of pure numbers—it reportedly affects 143 million consumers—this isn’t the largest data breach; however, due to the data content that was lost, it’s being reported as the most damaging breach. The data that…

Top 10 Retail Trends for Growing Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is changing at a pace far surpassing previous decades, moving from the product era to the consumer era to the information era. At this pace, manufacturers are challenged to respond to the advances made by closely related industries, such as technology and retail. To remain competitive and…

Spotlight on Moss Adams

This is part of our spotlight series featuring our incredible sponsors! Read on for an interview with Eric Balentine of Moss Adams.  What is your favorite part about your job at Moss Adams? The most rewarding part about public accounting is helping our clients find creative solutions to their complex problems.