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Kleve Kee

The Formula for Successful Manufacturing Leadership

A while back, I asked my kids to “rake the leaves”. When I checked on them 2 hours later they had raked the leaves, but were now busily spreading raked leaves everywhere, diving into them with enthusiasm.  They were having a great time raking the leaves, but leaf pile jumping…

What is Grow 3 Degrees?

In a rebranding effort, High Desert Enterprise Consortium (HiDEC) has been transformed to Grow 3o. Since 2007, Grow3Degrees (formerly HiDEC) has strived to connect those who are passionate about economic development and continuous improvement in Central Oregon. Their goal is to make high quality content affordable and accessible to the Central Oregon region by…

The Most Powerful Leadership Tool: Positive Reinforcement

Top performance requires more than hiring good people.  It requires a leadership team that believes in helping their employees to be successful in performing their job. Performance feedback and positive reinforcement from the leadership team is essential for an employee’s top performance.