The heart of the Business Innovation Workshop (BIW) series is the continuous improvement cycle. This interactive session includes peer-to-peer discussion, homework and in-class assignments to apply your learning immediately. Our 6 topics: strategy, marketing, top-line growth, financials, continuous improvement, and leadership work powerfully in tandem with the continuous improvement model to bring you success.

  • Harness the power of marketing to improve your top-line growth
  • Take a proactive stance and improve your strategy to take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Create processes and systems that empower you and your people to solve problems
  • Fully understand and utilize your financials to make informed business decisions
  • Apply operational excellence initiatives to improve on-time-delivery and customer service

Built with small businesses like yours in mind, the BIW is interactive and immediately applicable, with practical hands-on information you can utilize in your company right away.

“Our old process was very stressful so our burnout rate was high. Orders would come in and chaos would ensue. Through the workshops, we were able to identify all the ‘low hanging fruit’ and begin working on necessary changes to manage inventory and create a streamlined process. The on-site visits were extremely helpful in aiding the change.” – Past Attendee

Virtual Course Design

Active Learning Sessions: We will conduct 6 online interactive sessions. Each session will be 2.5 hours.

Throughout the BIW you will learn from manufacturing peers and experts, receive actionable information, and experience one-on-one check-ins to focus on your specific challenges.


The course is valued at $3,000. However, thanks to the generosity of Prosper Portland, Greater Portland Inc, and other funding partners, the cost is $500 per company. Please complete the form to begin the registration process and we will inform you of funding available to you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from your peers as well as manufacturing experts.

Lead Instructors

Tim Root is a Managing Consultant at OMEP, and has more than 35 years of experience managing food processing and other businesses. He is past president of Pacific Pure-Aid Company; served as owner, president, and managing partner of Myron Root & Company, Inc., and general manager of Sabroso Company.



Shane Steinke is an executive leader with more than twenty-three years of operations and planning experience. As a Principal Consultant at OMEP, Shane delivers results by utilizing his extensive experience with risk mitigation and problem analysis to evaluate alternative options for manufacturers and by helping them to implement change successfully. 

Experience the BIW

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