Calling Portland-Metro Manufacturers – Transportation Electrification Survey

This is a guest post from WorkSystems Inc highlighting an opportunity for Oregon manufacturers to provide valuable feedback on a study of electric transportation and workforce.

Portland General Electric (PGE) is one of many organizations in the state of Oregon that support transportation electrification and is actively investing in charging infrastructure throughout its territory to increase the overall share of electric vehicles on the road. There are many other organizations and stakeholders also engaged in the regional EV supply chain that all require a skilled and qualified workforce.
Transportation electrification (TE) ushers in new jobs in technology, manufacturing, infrastructure and charging station maintenance.
As the industry grows, an increase in the demand of a skilled and qualified workforce to enter this market is anticipated, providing the jobs of the future that will provide ample opportunities for future generations. On behalf of PGE, Worksystems, the local workforce development board serving Multnomah and Washington counties, along with the Workforce Boards across the state, is conducting an in-depth workforce market study for the TE industry.
The goal of the TE Market Study is to analyze the industry’s need for a qualified and ready supply of workers in the EV supply chain.
The study will identify the volume, rate of growth, and range of occupations critical to supporting the growth of the industry. The study will also identify the occupational needs of the top 10-15 anchor companies in our states’ EV supply chain. Lastly, it will identify where the workforce and educational systems can provide meaningful investments in workforce development with a specific focus on diversifying the workforce and providing living-wage jobs to underrepresented workers in our economy.

Portland-area manufacturers – you are invited to participate in this study so that Worksystems and their partners can fully understand the needs and challenges of statewide TE industry leaders. If you are available and willing, Worksystems would like to schedule a one-hour virtual interview with you.

Please use this LINK to fill out your preferred date and time by January 10th.