Do these challenges sound familiar?

– New hires don’t last for more than 30 days and existing employees regularly quit or retire, taking job best practices with them

– It takes too long to train employees, and training systems don’t work

– Finding new employees is challenging (or nearly impossible!)

Manufacturing employees today want greater flexibility and clear pathways for growth and career advancement. To attract new workers and keep existing employees engaged, businesses must meet staff’s wellness needs. Each time an employee leaves or retires, their knowledge leaves with them, forcing you to go through the painful and expensive process of finding and training a new employee. Meeting these needs can feel daunting, but technology offers a new way forward. 


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Digital Solutions for Workforce Transformation

Effectively deploy a digital toolset based on continuous improvement principles to 10x your employee’s potential, and give them the environment they seek while significantly improving your training systems and the effectiveness of your employees.

You can’t clone yourself, but you can put technology to work for you.

Specifically designed for manufacturers of all sizes, OMEP’s digital workforce tools allow businesses to attract new employees by demonstrating commitment to growth with a company that embraces technology. Efficiently capture undocumented knowledge from your long-term employees before they retire, and use that information to skill-up new and existing employees effectively. Disseminate work instructions in hands-free Augmented Reality format when and where information is needed most. Automate away the tedious parts of managing and delivering training. Engage employees through personalized training and career paths in a Learning Management System (LMS). Combine digital tools with OMEP’s personalized coaching for an affordable solution that gives you a competitive edge.


Digital workflow – omep cloud

Utilize a digital operational excellence management system to simplify business operations, improve productivity, and enhance employee engagement. Create documents, workflows, and training systems.


easy expert knowledge capture

Front line workers and managers can quickly capture real-time work using tools they already have (such as cell phones or tablets) while the work is being done by people with the most experience. Easily package these captured best practices and how-tos into training for new or existing employees and track progress.

Hands-free ar learning experience

Use Augmented Realty to create visual documentation and step-by-step instructions that can be delivered in real-time as the work is being done. Hands-free technology reduces operational errors and improves productivity by giving critical information to the right people at the right time.

    Start your workforce transformation today

    The challenges facing employers regarding talent shortages, organizational knowledge loss, extended training times require us to look at new ways to attract, engage and develop talent.

    Use the digital tools in the OMEP Cloud to enhance your workforce practices, and create an effective and healthy workplace culture.

    A brief discovery session with an OMEP consultant will give you a deeper dive into the digital capabilities available to manufacturers of all sizes.