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Reducing Chemical Hazards: The First Move

June 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Why is this training important?

It is crucial to make informed decisions when choosing chemicals in products, processes and supply chains. Though it seems like an obvious step, identifying and knowing the potential hazards of chemicals is often overlooked or perceived as too complicated or costly to address. Yet companies face brand and financial risk if they are not making informed decisions about the chemicals they use. The List Translator provides a first line of defense against regrettable chemical choices while the in-person training provides you with hands-on practice and ensures you can effectively use the tool in your organization.

What is the tool and how is it used?

Companies striving to reduce their chemical footprint can now make a first move using the GreenScreen® List Translator. This automated tool is an abbreviated version of the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, a globally recognized chemical hazard assessment method used to identify chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives. The GreenScreen® List Translator helps you understand known impacts of chemicals on human health and the environment and categorize which chemicals to avoid when purchasing and designing. The tool is easy for anyone to use regardless of experience or knowledge related to chemical hazards and can be applied to chemicals you currently use or may use in the future.

As a precursor to the training, we invite you to attend our free introductory webinar where you will learn the basic principles of chemical hazard assessments, why they are of interest, and basic tools to identify and screen out hazardous chemicals. (scroll down for more information)

Who should attend?

The List Translator tool is used by all sized businesses ranging from small start-ups to large global brands. This training is geared toward small to medium size businesses that make chemical management decisions and state and local government staff that provide chemical management assistance to businesses. This training can benefit all levels of professionals from bench staff to top leadership who work in areas related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment; Sustainability; Risk Management; Hazardous Waste; Product Design and Stewardship; Material and Chemical Purchasing; and Chemistry, Laboratory and Research Services.

In-person Training Objectives:

Upon completing the in-person course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value of chemical hazard assessments and related tools and resources.
  • Define GreenScreen® List Translator origins, methods, strengths, and limitations.
  • Obtain GreenScreen® List Translator results for chemicals of interest using automated databases.
  • Use this tool to inform chemicals management and sustainability decisions and prioritize action.