Financials for Decision Making
Without clearly defined goals and focus, your business' growth cannot be realized. We can help you set a strategy, implement KPIs that will move your plan forward, and work side by side with you to implement your plan for long-term success.

Product Costing and Margin Analysis
Many manufacturers do not regularly evaluate their true Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) on an ongoing basis. Doing so can lead to important insights. Not only can we help you evaluate your true COGS, we can help you price products competitively and improve margins by eliminating waste.

Budgeting and Cash Flow Modeling
To be successful, manufacturers must have a thorough understanding of cash flows, payment terms, and budgets. We can help you build a holistic cash flow model to give you true visibility into where your money is going and how to boost business as a result.

Pricing Strategy
When was the last time you took a holistic look at your organization’s pricing? You may be surprised at where you stand in the marketplace. We can provide an objective perspective to take your true COGS into account and build a model that works for you.

Product Management
Whether you're creating build to order or build to stock products, and whether you're Business to Business or Direct to Consumer, product management is a challenge for small manufacturers. We can help you create a strategy for long-term success with proper KPIs.


“We have enjoyed working with OMEP and the consultants they have provided. Shelia Cyler has been very helpful in assisting us to understand our processes and working with us to find improvements. We look forward to continued work with OMEP on our plans for the future.” – Bruce Christiansen, President

What Sets OMEP Apart? The OMEP Way

  • Our 23 staff based around Oregon have over 500 combined years of practical experience working with and in manufacturing plants around the world.
  • Our public / private structure allows us to provide no-cost business assessments that serve as action plans for success.
  • Drip irrigation delivery passes along the right knowledge at the correct time so improvements stick, long after projects are complete.
  • we draw on a national network of expertise and resources as a member of the NIST MEP National Network to help solve problems manufacturers face.
  • Our staff live and work in offices around the state, and have a vested interest in prosperity for the communities they serve.
  • Every project is served by an independent third-party organization to ensure OMEP is accountable to your business for achieving maximum impact.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Business strategy is essential to sustainable, profitable growth for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in any sector. We may be the right partner to guide your way.

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