This cohort series will teach you how to implement a food safety program to comply with the Preventative Controls for Human Food rule. Each workshop will teach you how to implement key aspects of a food safety program at your company such as

  • identifying a food safety team
  • building a food safety plan
  • performing self-audits
  • implementing corrective actions

“Reading the standards is one thing, but understanding what they actually need to look like is another. I can’t imagine tackling the FSMA compliance without some sort of guidance. The food safety cohort turned a mountain of dread into a mountain of possible.” – Past Cohort Attendees

Course Design

Workshop 1 – Implementing Your Food Safety Program

  • Implementing a Food Safety Program
  • Establishing a Food Safety Team
  • Implementing a System for Documentation and Records
  • Training Your Team

Workshop 2 – Sustaining Your Food Safety Program

  • Complying with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)
  • Performing Internal Audits
  • Applying Corrective Actions

Workshop 3 – Building Your Recall Plan

  • Understanding Inputs to a Recall
  • Assessing Your Recall and Withdrawal Program
  • Creating a Recall Plan

Workshop 4 – Assessing Your Supply Chain Risk 

  • Assessing Inherent Risks – Raw Materials and Packaging
  • Label Review
  • Supplier Approval Process
  • Supply Chain Preventive Controls Plan 

Workshop 5 – Building Your Food Safety Plan – Hazard Analysis

  • Choosing a Product Category for Hazard Analysis
  • Creating a Process Flow
  • Assessing Hazards in your Process and Supply Chain
  • The Four Preventative Controls
  • Verification and Validation

Workshop 6 – Building Your Food Safety Plan – Preventive Controls

Process Preventive Controls Plan

  • Allergen Preventive Controls Plan
  • Sanitation Preventive Controls Plan
  • Writing Sanitation Procedures and Cleaning Schedules


From prep kitchen chef, to food scientist, to supply chain and operations management, Linda brings over ten years of experience to her work with OMEP clients. Drawing from her scientific background, creative vision, and operational savvy, Linda approaches food processors and manufacturers with an innovative approach.

Linda enjoys assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in making the right connections and progress to achieve their goals. She shares their passion and commitment to the unique food and beverage culture only found in the Pacific Northwest.

Teri is a 30-year veteran of the food processing industry and spent her career in both technical services and operations management working for Starbucks Coffee Company, Tazo Tea Company, Bridgeport Brewing Company, and Quest International – ICI. She started her career at a small fruit processing company in the Willamette Valley working with growers, manufacturing employees, co-manufacturers and large corporate customers to deliver high quality fruit products. That experience taught her the importance of engaging people across the supply chain when working to deliver safe, great tasting food using effective processing techniques.

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