Thank You, Oregon Manufacturers!



This holiday season, we are grateful to you who make, manufacture and create

We’re grateful for you, Oregon manufacturers. You keep the economy moving forward by creating quality products, and employing thousands of Oregonians with living wage jobs.

From the farmers who cultivate nutritious food, the businesses who process that food, and the companies who package and transport those goods to grocery stores and consumers – we salute you. Without you, we wouldn’t enjoy holiday festivities.

You build and maintain farming equipment, vehicles, and tools needed for growing and managing crops. You produce pots and pans, ovens, roasting equipment, and kitchen tools that enable us to cook with ease. Cutlery, napkins, dishes and serving utensils allow us to dine in comfort and style. Don’t forget the cozy chairs and tables at which we gather for laughter and fun with friends and family.

This holiday, we want to thank you for building on the legacy of curiosity and innovation to provide jobs to Oregonians and products to the world.

Happy thanksgiving, and cheers to you!