Learn the Principles of Lean Enterprise

Whether you need a refresher, want to skill up existing employees, or are new to lean, this 4 part cohort is for you. Learn how to use lean tools in a variety of environments, including how to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in optimizing the efficiency of a process department. Hands-on exercises will provide direct experience in creating “current state” and “future state” value stream maps.

Principles of Lean Enterprise
This half-day class introduces employees to principles underlying the Lean Enterprise with emphasis on differentiating between value add and non-value add activities, as well as the identification and elimination of waste in a value stream.

Tools of Lean: 5S and Standard Work
This session focuses on 5S, Standard work, and visual workplaces. Participants will learn several examples of visual control and how to implement a basic Standard On The Job Training program.

Problem Solving
This session will assist your company in problem-solving using the Plan Do Check Act method. Develop an awareness of the bias in thought processes and discover tools to help expose root causes.  Participants will also learn how to use the A3 system to solve complex problems.

Lean Leadership and Culture
This session will help attendees build a toolset for mentoring employees using Kata and 5Qs. They will also learn how to drive desired behaviors and develop a skillset for the delivery of clear expectations and performance measurement.

“Very informative good introduction to concepts I can apply in the line of work I am in. Very good at relating info to relative situations.” – Former Attendee


Course Design

Active Learning Sessions: We will conduct 4 half-day classroom sessions and provide lunch.

On-Site Company Check-Ins: After the 2nd and 4th sessions, companies with 3 or more registrants will receive an on-site visit from an OMEP consultant for lean implementation guidance.


Robin is a seasoned manufacturing professional with extensive hands-on experience including numerous responsibilities within several industries. He has worked with small, medium, and large companies in a variety of roles including engineering, quality, management, and leadership. Additionally, Robin has owned and operated successful manufacturing companies as well as consulted in many strategic, operational, lean and quality systems. He is recognized for his practical experience and his innate ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization.

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