What do attendees say?

Very informative good introduction to concepts I can apply in the line of work I am in. Very good at relating info to relative situations.

Past Lean Fundamentals Cohort Attendee

I knew I wanted a change in my small business. Orders were coming in and then chaos would ensue. Our old process was really stressful so our burnout rate was high. Through the workshops, we were able to identify all the ‘low hanging fruit’ and begin working on necessary changes to manage inventory and create a streamlined process so we don’t have to re-think every order. The on-site visits were extremely helpful in aiding the change.

Past Business Innovation Workshop Attendee

Our participants learned a great deal. One mentioned that he gained new insight on some of our existing tools and that it provided him a more concise structure.  Another said it helped open his eyes. Based on information from the workshop, we have rewritten our job posting and tweaked our interview process. We have plans to keep the momentum going long term by laying out career ladders and incorporating other aspects from the workshop.  We would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in improving their work systems.

Past Smart Talent Cohort Attendee

I have utilized the tools taught in the class to improve my daily interactions with all employees. I’ve seen substantial progress from a range of those employees, some of which have become quite the contributors to our Continuous Improvement Program.

Past Tools for Conscious Leadership Attendee

On-Site Implementation and Peer Learning

Running a manufacturing business presents unique challenges. With the cohort model, you benefit from peer to peer learning, connecting to other organizations who are solving similar problems. These connections allow you to grow and improve your business network. In addition, OMEP consultants who instruct courses visit your facility and help you implement on site to help cement the knowledge.

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We were in business 32 years before we engaged with OMEP. We have learned more in the last three years than the last three decades. Business owners are confident by nature. It has been humbling to discover what we didn’t know. I’m here to tell you that no matter how good you think you are, you have lots of room to get better. OMEP has changed our world. In some areas of our warehouse we are processing orders 3 times faster than we were before our engagement. OMEP found a way to get us to forget our egos and find better, simple solutions.

Jeff Wirkkala
Owner, Hardwood Industries
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OMEP's continued involvement is vital to our success and the development of manufacturing practices necessary to compete in the global economy. I believe that OMEP's program is critical to the success of manufacturing in the State of Oregon. Domestic manufacturers provide living wage jobs and organizations such as OMEP are essential in keeping manufacturing alive and well in the United States”

Alvin Elbert
President, A.R.E. Manufacturing
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You are the best kind of advisor, a selfless one. It is exceedingly rare.

Dan Klock
CEO, Bridgetown Bakery
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Working with OMEP this past year has truly been an incredibly rewarding experience. The depth of knowledge and resources that they have brought to our business is immense. We are a healthier organization today because of the relationship that has been created between the two of us.

Ben Zimmerman
Operations Manager, Composite Approach
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