Manufacturers Wanted: New Market Opportunity

RAPID is seeking manufacturers capable of creating stacked and bonded Inconel 625 plates that are .25mm thick with .006mm tolerance.

The RAPID Institute’s (1 of 14 federally funded Manufacturing USA Institutes) goal is to enable chemical module manufacturing and process intensification. Key in this endeavor is developing precision components mentioned above, as well as the larger modules themselves. Thus far, the most developed project is the heat exchangers which operate in a high heat (800C), and in a highly corrosive environment (methane and hydrogen). Superalloys are likely required.

To assist RAPID in achieving this goal, OMEP affiliate David McFeeters-Krone is seeking manufacturers to create the plates with the tolerances noted above. Plates will need to be edge bonded. If you are interested in participating in the planning stages of this project, you’ll have the opportunity to maximize the long-term economies.

View more images in this presentation: Half Array HX Design

RAPID is just one of 14 Manufacturing USA institutes. There are interesting opportunities for Oregon manufacturers within RAPID and others USA institutes. If you’d like to learn more, please contact David McFeeters-Krone at

503 493-0477