OMEP staff are standing by to provide resources for Oregon’s manufacturers. We are releasing a series of free webinars on a variety of topics designed to provide constructive information to manufacturers about successfully managing their businesses now and in the future. Scroll down to see past webinar recordings.

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October 29 9:30AM – 10:30AM

How Oregon Manufacturers Can Take Advantage of the Onboarding Process to Improve  Employee Engagement and Retention

Onboarding sets the tone and momentum for an employee’s engagement and retention; however, it is often a process that is misunderstood or underutilized.  What is it, and how can Oregon manufacturers utilize onboarding to improve engagement and retention of their workforce?

Join Tami Trout of OMEP to discuss suggestions to improve the onboarding experience, including example tools or templates, for deeper connections between employees and managers. This virtual event is an interactive online experience. As a group, we will have candid conversations around successes and challenges, and a guided discussion.

    Hydrogen Power 101: The Next Generation of Energy

    October 26 @ 3:00 pm  4:00 pm

    In an effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals focused on reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and completely eliminating them by 2050, State and local jurisdictional authorities are becoming increasingly punitive in directing industry to comply. This is in conjunction with a significant public outcry to address climate change. It is clear that industry will need to adapt to the requirements of these interests.

    Hydrogen power is a non-carbon emitting technology that is among the best options available for manufacturers and industrial activities that require large quantities of natural gas. There are many questions about hydrogen including:
    – What is hydrogen?
    – How and when it can be deployed?
    – Which utilities will be deploying it
    – How much will it cost?

    Prosper Portland has assembled a group of experts that are going to help answer these questions and more. Presenters include the following experts:

    • Michelle Detwiler, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance
    • Martina Steinkusz, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance
    • David White, Columbia Hyfuel


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