Are you one of the best manufacturers to work for in Oregon?

Attention Oregon Manufacturers: 

Register for the Best Manufacturers to Work For in Oregon survey!

The project builds on the success of Oregon Business’ 100 Best Companies, Nonprofits and Green Workplaces surveys. This project is specifically aimed at manufacturers seeking to measure employee satisfaction in the workplace. There are no participation fees. Eligible manufacturers must have at least 10 Oregon employees and a manufacturing facility in the state.


(Once you sign up, email instructions will be sent to you within three business days.) Online employee and employer surveys run until June 29. Survey reports providing valuable employee feedback will be available to all participants. Organization and employee information will be kept private.


Best Manufacturers survey schedule:

  • Sign-up dates: April 24 – June 22
  • Survey closes:  June 29
  • Survey period: Manufacturers invite employees to take the online survey and complete the employer survey from April through June
  • Scoring and ranking: Qualified manufacturers are informed in late July if they rank (though not where) among the Best Manufacturers
  • Survey results: Participants may order survey results starting in August
  • Event and list: The Best Manufacturers will be honored at a special wards event in and featured in the November/December issue of Oregon Business magazine
NOTE: Manufacturers are also permitted to sign up for our 100 Best Companies survey this fall.