Free 5S Audit Form

This free downloadable form will help you answer the question, why should I do a 5S audit? Once you are able to complete an audit, and make it a regular practice, you can improve safety, cleanliness, and help your business to grow. The form allows you to review various areas in your workplace for 5S standards, and rate them on a scale from unacceptable to acceptable. This is a great tool for anyone hoping to implement lean manufacturing principles in their facility and a valuable reminder of the importance of daily management. The tool includes an opportunity sheet that allows you to assign tasks for improvement to various team members and track progress.

SORT: Distinguish between what is needed and not needed
STRAIGHTEN: A place for everything and everything in its place
SHINE: Cleaning, and looking for ways to keep clean and organized
STANDARDIZE: Maintain and monitor the first three (3) categories
SUSTAIN: Stick to the rules