Many employers focus on salary and benefit packages as a way to attract new hires and retain existing employees. Smart companies know they need to offer more. But what? There are many theories on employee engagement and recognition. Career planning for employees is one of the ways to fit those needs.

What is a career path?

A career path is a sequence of work experiences and job assignments that provide employees opportunities to participate in many aspects of a professional or company career ladder. Essentially, it is a structured sequence of job positions through which a person progresses in an organization. Download this simple tool to get an example of a career path model for a manufacturing employee.

What are the benefits of having clearly defined career paths for your employees? Creating a positive work environment with an actual path to advancement helps keep current employees happy and builds your organization’s workforce. You can learn more here

Download this tool for a sample career path to help you develop your own.

Differentiate your company from competitors
Retain key workers
Attract and retain younger workers
Decrease turnover after an economic downturn
Allow employees to take ownership over their own development