Silver Sponsor: Vigilant

Representative Name:  Bryon Bailey
Representative Title: Regional Sales Manager
Sponsorship Level: Silver

What is your favorite part about your job at Vigilant?

Connecting business leaders with our team of experts so they can rest easier regarding critical issues.

What caused you to make the decision to sponsor OMEP?

Vigilant and OMEP each have a long history of supporting manufacturers in OR, and we’re both deeply committed to the ongoing health and growth of that industry sector.

What are some of the largest challenges you see manufacturers facing?

Workforce turnover due to retirements.  Lack of skilled labor.  Inability to keep pace with regulatory changes.

Why do you believe manufacturing is important?

Manufacturing supports communities by providing living-wage jobs and opportunities for career advancement.  So much of the US economy centers around products being produced and sold.

What types of services or capabilities can you offer Oregon manufacturers?

Employment Law, Workplace Safety, Organizational Development