Smart Talent Considerations

Undertaking the tasks associated with employee development can be challenging, but is ultimately worthwhile. OMEP would love to partner with you on your journey. Take a look at the statements below, and consider whether they are true for your company. These statements are designed to give you insight as to where your company is on your workforce journey.

  • We have a written Mission, Vision, and Values statement that all our employees and leadership team know and live by every day in how we work together with our suppliers and customers.
  • We value our employees and work to provide them with a safe work environment through the use of (active safety programs, including audits, safety committees, action planning, and recognition and support of good safety practices).
  • We have a solid approach to attracting and retaining talent in our company through (recruitment, skilling up our workforce, work / life balance practices)
  • We have a structured on-boarding and job training program available to new employees to provide orientation to our culture, performance values, and strategic position. Learning is built into our work structure, policies, and practices.
  • We have development and career paths established for our employees designed to help them reach their development potential that contribute to company and employee success by continuously creating learning opportunities and establishing systems to capture and share learning.
  • We have an active, measured continuous improvement process whereby we solicit employee ideas for making improvements to our products, services, and business operations through collaboration and team learning. Our employees are the key source of the improvement ideas implemented.
  • We value and promote the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our employees (including diversity of thought and promoting dialogue / inquiry) because we see our employees as a valuable asset to the success of our company.
  • We have performance based employee pay and promotion procedures whereby the employee performance results and contributions are measured against established job descriptions and critical performance indicators.
  • In our organization, there is an effective organizational structure with clear lines of accountability that are adhered to.