Strategy Planning and Deployment
Without clearly defined goals and focus your business' growth cannot be realized. We can help you set a strategy, implement KPIs that will move your plan forward, and work side by side with you to implement your plan for long-term success.

Business Planning
We can work together to craft a long-term plan for your market penetration and customer growth. We will ensure your business activities are aligned and that progress is communicated to your team regularly.

Ownership Transition Planning and Support
At some point you will exit your business. Will it be as you wish and plan? Whether you're interested in selling your business, or transitioning to a family member or key employee, we can build a blueprint that will help you leave the legacy you desire.


“When working with OMEP I was especially impressed with the staff’s integrity and professionalism. They have a culture of genuine concern for the manufacturing industry and employee fair treatment. It is rare to find this level of service from a consultant group as opposed to the all too common occurrence of companies being in business just for the money.” – Ruthie Sheilds, VP of Operations

What Sets OMEP Apart? The OMEP Way

  • Our 23 staff based around Oregon have over 500 combined years of practical experience working with and in manufacturing plants around the world.
  • Our public / private structure allows us to provide no-cost business assessments that serve as action plans for success.
  • Drip irrigation delivery passes along the right knowledge at the correct time so improvements stick, long after projects are complete.
  • we draw on a national network of expertise and resources as a member of the NIST MEP National Network to help solve problems manufacturers face.
  • Our staff live and work in offices around the state, and have a vested interest in prosperity for the communities they serve.
  • Every project is served by an independent third-party organization to ensure OMEP is accountable to your business for achieving maximum impact.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Business strategy is essential to sustainable, profitable growth for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in any sector. We may be the right partner to guide your way.

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