Overlooked Strategies for Business Growth – Gresham

Overlooked Strategies for Business Growth – Gresham

Get Insider Strategies to Stabilize and Grow Your Business Join OMEP Managing Consultants Tim Root and Kleve Kee as they share from over fifty years experience managing manufacturing businesses to teach you how to stabilize and increase competitiveness by focusing on these three overlooked areas for success.

A Non-technical 5-Step Plan To Check Your Company’s IT Health

A mid-sized packaging manufacturer called me in once for a consult. The COO told me, “We think our IT company is doing a great job, but we’ve been with them for 10 years and we want you to just double check everything for us.” Easy-peasy! I started where I always…

The Number One Challenge for Oregon Employers

Recently the Oregon Talent Council (OTC) released their latest report on the manufacturing workforce landscape in our state. OMEP is proud to partner with the Oregon Talent council on several initiatives, including our Smart Talent program. Over the past two years the OTC has sought out the opinions and…