Overlooked Strategies for Business Growth – Gresham

Overlooked Strategies for Business Growth – Gresham

Get Insider Strategies to Stabilize and Grow Your Business Join OMEP Managing Consultants Tim Root and Kleve Kee as they share from over fifty years experience managing manufacturing businesses to teach you how to stabilize and increase competitiveness by focusing on these three overlooked areas for success.

Where Does it All Go? Understanding Your Financial Reports

July’s Maker Meetup at Brooklyn Tweed dives into creating and evaluating financial reports for your business and its various functions. Your understanding of balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and financial projections are key to your company’s success and sustainability. And once you have confidence in those numbers, you can…

Business Innovation Workshop – Eugene

As a business owner with limited capacity, how do you prioritize decision making to grow your company’s profitability? OMEP invites you to participate in the Business Innovation Workshop Series which is designed to teach the principles and execution of a continuous improvement business model so you can understand how to…