Technology Solutions for Your Manufacturing Facility

Photos Courtesy ReThink Robotics 

OMEP recently held our first ever Collaborative Robotics Web Showcase in conjunction with Impact Washington, Tech Help, and the Northwest Food Processors Association. If you missed the webinar, feel free to view the presentation here. Scroll down the page for links.

At OMEP, we are devoted to making your manufacturing process more effective.

Part of our service offering includes assisting small and mid-sized manufacturers in technology acceleration. Technology scouting, though it has broad definitions, takes on two forms when working with us:

1) Finding an existing solution to your manufacturing need (e.g. a robot)
2) Connecting you to institutions that help facilitate your product development (e.g. co-development with a federal lab).

Because not all processes benefit from the addition of existing technology, we often find efficient solutions to add value through time saving, consistency, or record keeping. We can bring in technology solutions to ensure your most valuable assets are performing the most valuable tasks. Through an on-site survey of your existing processes, we make recommendations on areas of improvement, and manage the implementation of the technology solution.

If you’re developing a product, OMEP can connect you to unique experts and facilities. As part of the U.S. government lab system, we can tap into over $100 billion of annual research and over 100,000 technical personnel to find you the answers to your development questions.

Often the capabilities to discover the answer your questions are waiting to be deployed. OMEP can distill your request to the necessary components, find you the right program, and manage the agreements to bring your query to conclusion. These agreements provide long-term benefits, as your new partners are non-competitive, versed in your area of interest, and eager to help.

If you want more information on technology scouting, or want to connect with OMEP please call us at 503.406.3779 or contact Heather Cutler