Thank You for requesting an assessment

Thanks for Requesting A Call

We’re excited to continue the conversation with you so we can schedule your 2021 assessment. Either Aaron Fox, Mike Vanier, or Jasmine Agnor will call you in the next few business days to learn about your company so we can match you up with the best OMEP team member for your assessment.

What To Expect

We are currently scheduling assessments beginning in January 2021. During our phone call, we will select a date with you. Most assessments take about 5 hours to complete so we suggest setting that time aside once you select a date.

If you would like us to sign an NDA, let us know.

During the assessment, we will discuss all areas of your business including operations, KPIs, processes, supplier relations,  customer acquisitions, and sales, quality systems, workforce recruitment, employee development & advancement, and more. Come prepared to ask as many questions as you would like, and feel free to share your thoughts and concerns.

Stay Informed

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