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Acting Fast to Slow Machinist Turnover

This article originally appeared on Industry Week. Guest blog post by Linda Wechsler, senior consultant at OMEP. Paola Castaldo, managing consultant, and Russ Gaylor, manufacturing consultant, also contributed to this article. How an Oregon components maker closed the gaps in its training and development program A.R.E. Manufacturing Inc. is a family-owned contract machine shop located in Newberg, […]

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Oregon Equal Pay Act: What Employers Need to Know

Potential exposure for a violation of Oregon’s Equal Pay Act is considerable Employees alleging unpaid wages or pay equity discrimination may be awarded two years of back pay, compensatory and punitive damages, and attorney fees. Unlawful practices under the law include: Discriminating between employees on the basis of an employee’s status as a member of […]

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Skills Shortage? What Skills Shortage?

The Skills Shortage Solution to Date: Panic! There has been much publicity and alarm surrounding the impending shortage of skills in manufacturing. Evidence of the skills shortage has been raised through the analysis of survey results and deduced from the exiting of an aging workforce. Rather than focus on the skills shortage, I’d like to […]

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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Increase Employee Engagement

Leading people can be challenging, and following a leader can feel frustrating as well. We’re all just trying to do our best at work, whether we’re owners, managers, or employees. Everyone has challenges in the workplace and no workplace is perfect. Creating a culture that fosters employee engagement is not something you can just do using a […]

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Low Cost Employee Development for Manufacturers

Employee Development Doesn’t Have to be Costly The ability to get the best out of your employees, and unlock their greater potential is sometimes just a matter of opportunity. While many factors can impact your ability to provide training and development in your company, cost doesn’t need to be one of them. Try these low cost approaches […]

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Developing Career Paths for Your Employees

Many employers focus on salary and benefit packages as a way to attract new hires and retain existing employees. Smart companies know they need to offer more. But what? There are many theories on employee engagement and recognition. Career planning for employees is one of the ways to fit those needs. What are the benefits of […]

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How To Build Team-Driven Structured On the Job Training

Last month I talked about the importance of developing your employees. Yet it can be difficult to develop training that sticks for many reasons. In part because training calls upon manufacturers to give one of their most valuable resources–time. When you’re busy getting product out the door, it can be difficult to move training beyond the initial […]

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The Importance of Developing Your Employees

In today’s economy, if your business isn’t learning, then you’re going to fall behind.  Your employees produce, refine, deliver and manage your products or services every day. Creating an effective employee training and development program is essential for getting the most out of your company’s people resources. What are the benefits of developing your employees? Increase […]

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Growing Successful Managers

Do you utilize your managers in a way that allows them a path to success? Many companies waste their managerial talent. It’s easy to do! Instead of using your managements’ minds creatively, they are merely used to relay orders from the top.  In a healthy company, a manager is free to use his or her mind […]

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