Transportation Challenges For Manufacturers in Urban, Rural and Tribal Areas: Give Us Your Feedback

The Western Transportation Institute (WTI) and Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) at Montana State University are interested in learning more about transportation challenges faced by manufacturers in small urban, rural and tribal areas/communities. The following survey, which should take only five to seven minutes to complete, will help WTI and MMEC identify the most challenging issues, and may lead to further research to address these issues.We hope you will share your information with us as we work to identify the transportation issues faced by manufacturers in small urban (populations between 50K and 200K), rural (under 50K), and tribal areas/communities. If your company has multiple plants/manufacturing locations, please forward the survey link to the managers of each location so they can complete the survey. We would like to survey all relevant locations to obtain a complete representation of your company. If your company does not have a manufacturing facility located in one of these areas/communities, you do not need to respond to the survey.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact David Kack at the Western Transportation Institute, or call 406-994-7526.

Thank you for your participation!