Our Process

Manufacturers each face distinct types of challenges – no two are identical. OMEP bends a thoughtful problem-solving approach around your specific obstacles to growth. From reducing lead times, to training workforce, to innovative problem-solving strategies, OMEP offers the tools, expertise and flexibility to engage with manufacturers at all levels.

OMEP-workflow_0Solve the Problem

OMEP is often asked to come in and solve a specific problem – like fulfilling orders faster or eliminating excess inventory. Once those issues have been resolved, we can start planning ahead for what’s next.

Create Sustainable Systems

We work with you to understand and implement systems for continuous improvement – which unlock employees’ potential, offer permanent solutions to nagging business problems, and drive company growth.

Build Enterprise Leadership

A company’s ability to sustain improvements over time depends on the commitment and involvement of its leaders. OMEP helps company leaders learn new approaches and techniques, to drive daily improvement and long-term results.