Our team of manufacturing business owners, engineers, and leaders have walked in your shoes. We take our 500 plus years of combined manufacturing experience and apply their expertise to help your business succeed.

John Valachovic

Managing Consultant

John enjoys the challenge of balancing a client’s short-term needs against long-term strategies. He has been a process engineer at Lead Industries and Clorox Company, as as well as a Senior Chemist at Sterling Drug.

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David Looper

Managing Consultant

David has served as the senior operations executive for a number of high-profile companies, including Gerber and Weyerhaeuser, prior to joining OMEP. In addition to his expertise in manufacturing business operations, Dave is also a well-known business transition expert.

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Kleve Kee

Managing Consultant

Specializing in bringing a continuous improvement business philosophy to his clients, Kleve has an industrial engineering background with an MBA. Working within all levels of a company, Kleve helps companies concentrate their limited resources on areas most impactful for their business. Before he was at OMEP, Kleve was Operations Manager at Bar Seven A Companies and Systems Director at Pacific Crest Technology.

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Tim Root

Managing Consultant

As the past president of Pacific Pure-Aid Company,Tim brings many years of experience managing food processing companies. Tim also served as owner, President, and Managing Partner of Myron Root & Company, as well as General Manager of Sabroso Company. His expertise is in operations, new product development, business-to-business sales and marketing, human resources, and finance.

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Paola Castaldo

Managing Consultant

Paola brings many years of expertise in engineering, management, and marketing to her clients. Her experience spans starting up and running her own business, to producing results in large corporations such as PCSI and Electroglas Inspection Products. Paola is guided by a passion for people to succeed and flourish in business.

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You’re not alone

From the vigilance required to continually reduce non value-added activities, to the innovative thinking required to develop new products, running a manufacturing business presents unique challenges. The good news is, you’re not alone. OMEP’s clients both large and small face the same challenges you do on a daily basis. Read on to learn from their experiences in continuous improvement.

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We were in business 32 years before we engaged with OMEP. We have learned more in the last three years than the last three decades. Business owners are confident by nature. It has been humbling to discover what we didn’t know. I’m here to tell you that no matter how good you think you are, you have lots of room to get better. OMEP has changed our world. In some areas of our warehouse we are processing orders 3 times faster than we were before our engagement. OMEP found a way to get us to forget our egos and find better, simple solutions.

Jeff Wirkkala
Owner, Hardwood Industries
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OMEP's continued involvement is vital to our success and the development of manufacturing practices necessary to compete in the global economy. I believe that OMEP's program is critical to the success of manufacturing in the State of Oregon. Domestic manufacturers provide living wage jobs and organizations such as OMEP are essential in keeping manufacturing alive and well in the United States”

Alvin Elbert
President, A.R.E. Manufacturing
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You are the best kind of advisor, a selfless one. It is exceedingly rare.

Dan Klock
CEO, Bridgetown Bakery
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Working with OMEP this past year has truly been an incredibly rewarding experience. The depth of knowledge and resources that they have brought to our business is immense. We are a healthier organization today because of the relationship that has been created between the two of us.

Ben Zimmerman
Operations Manager, Composite Approach
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