Where Are You on the Journey to Operational Excellence?

service-modelManaging the dynamics of people, machines, and materials is the daily bread of the manufacturing world, and it can sometimes make big thinking difficult. Leading your company to success requires a strategic approach that balances organizational competencies with market realities.

OMEP believes that Operational Excellence transcends the implementation of lean manufacturing, six sigma, or other related internal execution activities. Our services incorporate the full cycle of business activities, from planning through execution. We work with our clients to determine the appropriate starting place for their company’s continuous improvement journey – while maintaining a broad vision that includes their entire system.

Business Operations

OMEP consultants bring business acumen, specialized methods, and their own manufacturing company experience to each client engagement. We help leadership develop demand-driven strategies and build rock-solid operating systems that provide predictability and stability throughout the company.

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Revenue Growth

OMEP is available to augment a company’s needs in ideation, product design, and new product introduction process. We have helped many companies in the development of market and sales strategies, and provided guidance on the design and implementation of selling systems.

Not only can OMEP assist in scouting for appropriate production technologies, we can help you gain access to publicly-funded research centers to develop your own technology – along with taking those capabilities to new markets and customers.

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Talent Management

Attracting, integrating, and retaining skilled workers and leaders is widely cited as the most significant challenge of the changing manufacturing environment. Through its own staff and outside contractors, OMEP offers companies the help they need to recruit, hire, and retain the talent needed to thrive in the future.

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