The OMEP Way

What Sets OMEP Apart?

  • Over 500 years of real-world experience working with manufacturing companies around the world.
  • Public-private funding structure allows us to provide companies no-cost holistic business assessments that serve as action plans for success.
  • Drip irrigation delivery model ensures companies receive the right guidance and implementation support at the right time to ensure improvements stick long after project completion.
  • The ability to draw upon a national network of expertise and resources to solve the problems manufacturers face.
  • Offices around the state where staff live and have a vested interest in prosperity for the communities they serve.
  • Every project is surveyed by an independent third-party organization to ensure OMEP is accountable to your organization achieving maximum impact.

Bend solutions around client demandBending Solutions Around Client Demand

“You are the best kind of advisor, a selfless one. It is exceedingly rare.”
— Dan Klock, Bridgetown CEO

Each client company presents a unique combination of technology, organizational structure, and workplace culture. Business objectives and related challenges also differ widely.

OMEP works carefully with company leadership to craft an approach that fits each situation. Every engagement is custom-designed to achieve leadership’s goals and objectives and delivered at a pace that respects current business requirements.

drip irriigation consulting“Drip Irrigation” Consulting

“They have consistently provided us with custom solutions aimed at teaching us how to not only make improvements but also sustain success.”
— Cheryl Collins, Chief People Officer, Ninkasi Brewing Company

The unfortunate truth is, consulting is often delivered to clients through a firehose – a big chunk of training, an exhaustive list of improvement projects, and all followed up with quarterly “how’re ya doing so far?” check-ins. As a result, the mountain of progress becomes insurmountable – and transformation becomes more stressful than impactful.

Drip irrigation, on the other hand, applies the right amount of water to the right place at the right time. Time and again, we have come to realize that a change agenda and the delivery of information must be metered to match each company’s absorption rate. This “drip irrigation” method helps to avoid the pitfalls of the firehose – by giving you the insights you want, at the cadence you need.

Through a paced approach and a series of victories, we build a record of continued success together. And whether you’re working in crops or business, effective allocation of resources means more sustainable growth.

teamworkShoulder-to-Shoulder Approach

“We were in business 32 years before we engaged with OMEP. We have learned more in the last three years than the last three decades.”
— Jeff W., Owner, Hardwood Industries

Far from shouting our recommendations from a comfortable distance, we believe in getting “in the trenches” with you and your team and finding out firsthand what makes your operation tick. By being there regularly, we get a unique perspective on daily and weekly obstacles facing your company. This perspective is shaped by our knowledge of you – your process, values, and aspirations for your company.

By knowing you, we’re able to deepen our ownership of your company challenges. Shoulder to shoulder, we help identify root cause and build solutions together.

top down bottom up methodologyTop Down/Bottom Up Methodology

A successful business transition is accomplished by a series of small and large changes – undertaken and accomplished by both leadership and frontline workers. OMEP engagements are structured to allow leadership to work with its employees to identify the best path forward. We then execute on that path, and perform incremental shifts in process and practice that lead to a better way and superior outcomes.

OMEP consultants work closely alongside company executives to help them adopt new thinking and approaches to lead their enterprise forward. Likewise, we also enjoy exposing company employees to new techniques and methods – designed to shorten lead times, improve quality, and reduce cost while creating a safer, more engaged workplace. 

Economy-Centric and Mission-Driven PhilosophiesEconomy-Centric and Mission-Driven Philosophies

We consider the health of your business on your terms, as well as how it relates to your contribution to the economy as a whole. Healthy companies mean healthy communities, and your involvement in creating jobs and generating wealth is not to be overlooked. We’ll help you thrive and compete in the changing manufacturing landscape, and in doing so fuel the prosperity of our state as a whole.

“OMEP’s continued involvement is vital to our success and the development of manufacturing practices necessary to compete in the global economy. I believe that OMEP’s program is critical to the success of manufacturing in the State of Oregon. Domestic manufacturers provide living wage jobs, and organizations such as OMEP are essential in keeping manufacturing alive and well in the United States.”
— Alvin Elbert, President, ARE Manufacturing