Our Principles


The OMEP mission statement can be boiled down to one word: Results. We bring results (like shorter lead times, higher quality, reduced costs, and top line growth) to small- and mid-sized Oregon manufacturers – and those results make all the difference on the bottom line. Ultimately, we work top-down and bottom-up with companies to implement lasting transformation, leading to long-term viability.


Core Values

Our team strives to live our core values daily, through interactions with each other and with our clients. Each decision we make aligns with our values and supports OMEP’s mission of results.


thoughtSolve Problems Thoughtfully

No two businesses are exactly alike, and as such neither will benefit from a templatized approach. We believe in moving beyond treating symptoms to identifying root cause – and devising customized methodology rather than selling programs or “steps-to-success.”


helpHelp Each Other Out

We’re committed to making OMEP stronger by sharing resources with each other and with our clients. We operate from a desire to be our best selves as individuals, and perform our services in such a way that you can be your best, too. This means we learn together and treat each other with respect.


prosperCreate Prosperity

OMEP is dedicated to a larger purpose that goes beyond our own organization. We work to bring prosperity to manufacturers, the communities they serve, our state – and ultimately, our country. When we build stronger businesses, we build stronger families and neighborhoods, enabling prosperity for all.


commitCommit to Client Success

We go beyond providing advice or counsel – we adopt your business challenges as our own. OMEP facilitates engagement all the way along the improvement path. For you, that means a partner in the trenches with you – helping you to perform the difficult but necessary work that produces your desired outcome.