Cross Laminated Timber

Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing: Opportunity Awaits

An exciting opportunity for manufacturers in Oregon and SW Washington has emerged in the form of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) industry. OMEP is identifying companies interested in entering this market. If you would like to have your capabilities assessed for CLT manufacturing, please fill out the form below.

What is the Opportunity?

OMEP is assisting and its partners to prepare a feasibility study to evaluate the opportunities, options, and challenges involved in adopting Cross Laminated Timber production in the regional marketplace.

  • Assessing the region’s natural resource capacity
  • Identifying potential producers and local manufacturing capacity –that’s where you come in!
  • Quantifying economic benefits for the potential players along the CLT supply chain in the region—they could be significant, particularly for rural areas of the state.
  • Assessing and proposing ways to overcome barriers to market


What is CLT?

CLT panels are manufactured by bonding together layers of dimensional lumber to form massive timber panels (currently panels as large as 13’ x 65’ are being produced in Europe). The panels can be used as walls, floors and roofs. It is not merely a new structural material but a new structural building technology. CLT provides construction efficiencies similar to tilt up style buildings, although longer and lighter than steel or concrete. CLT can be a cost-effective replacement for steel or concrete in many structures, particularly 40’ to 80’ high buildings. Also CLT, as other wood-based structural composites, has numerous environmental benefits over non-renewable alternatives. Read about CLT’s advantages over steel or concrete here:
As an added benefit, CLT allows efficient use of forest products by turning lower grade #2 and #3 lumber that is in not typically used for glulam beams into value-added products. OSU researchers are also investigating the potential of using lumber from smaller diameter forest resources in core layers of CLT.

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How do Oregon and SW Washington Manufacturers get involved?

OMEP’s role in this study is to identify capable producers. That means you! Our task in the this project is to identify  10 forest product manufacturers in Oregon and Southwest Washington who are even potentially interested in and capable of extending their current business to manufacturing structural grade CLT. We will base our analysis on existing company location, assets, and knowledge base.

Are you interested in producing CLT? Recently, DR Johnson Lumber Co. became the very first structural CLT manufacturer in the US. This project is focused on growing the industry with the help of the wide expertise and support network existing in the region. We are working to identify 10 companies who would like to consider entering the nascent regional CLT industry. If that’s you, let us know (FORM)


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Oregon BEST


Oregon State University: College of Business and College of Forestry




Washington State University Center for Innovation and Value Creation